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Portrait Fundraisers? Something Different

Every year the fundraiser coordinators of thousands of groups across the nation try to dream up a new ways to make money for their group. Most groups tend to get in a rut by having the same old fundraisers each year.

While having a fundraiser that your group is familiar with is an advantage, the excitement of something different is a strong driving force for sales.
Sales are driven by motivation. Motivation is spurred on by excitement.

While there are many new and different ideas for fundraisers, Portrait Fundraisers are as unique as they get.

When selling certificates for Portrait Fundraisers, your group is selling a product that is very personal and important. Whether it is a Glamour Portrait fundraiser, Family Portrait Fundraiser or a Vintage (Sepia) Portrait Fundraiser, the images that are produced are treasured family heirlooms forever.

The 10x13 Portrait that is included with the certificate will be loved for many years to come.

While candy, candles, scratch cards and car washes are all nice, not every other group in town is having a Portrait Fundraising event!

About Enfocus Photography

James McIver has been in the portrait and fundraising business since 1979. To schedule a portrait fundraiser for your group visit our web site at or email or call 866-850-9939 toll free.


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